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Custom Designed Static Control Brushes

Passive ionization is the most cost effective solution for static control issues in many of today’s highly sophisticated machines.  Used for many years in printer and imaging machines to ensure print quality and paper handling, static mitigating devices are now a part of the design in medical equipment, electronics manufacturing equipment, aerospace applications, and industrial process equipment.  You can count on innovative and practical solutions to solving your static control needs when you contact our engineering team at

Services include:

  • Free technical consultation and applications advice
  • Web training and seminars on static generation and mitigation
  • Rapid prototyping and testing
  • Unique and cost effective solutions

Our focus is on helping equipment manufacturers integrate static mitigation devices into their machines.  We currently serve large multinational designers and manufacturers of inkjet and laser printers, copiers, kiosk terminals, medical and aerospace equipment, electronics assembly and testing machines, and many more.  Take the first step and contact us with your static problems and let us help you solve them!

For commercial and industrial applications using pulse width modulated inverters/variable frequency drives (VFDs), see our resource pages for the AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Ring product line. AEGIS rings protect VFD-driven motors from electrical bearing damage leading to fluting failure.   See for more information on AEGIS grounding rings.