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ABOUT EST (Electro Static Technology)

Electro Static Technology-ITW is a global manufacturer and designer of Static Control Devices for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). Customers include: Large Multi-National Designers and Manufacturers of InkJet Printers, Laser Printers,Thermal Printers and Impact Printers, also Manufacturers of Fax, Paper Handling Devices, Multifunction machines and Kiosk Applications. Electro Static Technology is a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a Fortune 500 company operating in 58 countries. We specialize in mitigating static charges, induced voltages and random discharges on rotating shafts, moving surfaces, and in all types of manufacturing equipment and machines. Our AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Ring product line protects VFD driven motors and prevents bearing fluting failure. Please see for more information on AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Protection. Design and application engineering are available to facilitate proper implementation of static control devices.


Electro Static Technology Inc was founded in 1984. Our vision of passive static eliminators being utilized in high speed paper systems was innovative for a time that was dominated by powered systems. The first brush configuration was that of the V holder. A mere five years later, the two piece rigid configuration was introduced and the productivity more than quadrupled. In 1995, Electro Static Technology Inc. moved to its current location in Mechanic Falls. At the same time, EST developed a new manufacturing process today known as FLX™ for flexible brush. In 1999, Illinois Tool Works Inc (ITW), a multinational manufacturer of highly-engineered components and systems, acquired Electro Static Technology and made it a business unit of Electrostatics Division. In 2005, Electro Static Technology-ITW Inc. introduced the AEGIS® SGR product line and continues to work on new applications with Microfiber-related technologies.

ITW – Our Parent Company

Founded in 1912, ITW’s recipe for success has been consistent: value added products and outstanding service win the day with customers.  We place a high premium on the development of highly engineered products and systems- most of which are developed in tandem with our customers.  And we continue to ensure that our customers receive timely, cost-effective service for the innovative products we provide.

Today, Illinois Tool Works or ITW (NYSE: ITW) is a Fortune 500 company that produces engineered fasterners and components, equipment and consumable systems, and specialty products.  It employs nearly 65,000 people, and is based in Glenview, Illinois, with operations in 58 countries.

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Billi Jo Austin 

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